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Activity Based Support in the Community for People With Disabilities

Cycling Activities

Cycling is an important part of what Enabling Activities has to offer and we have the flexibility to make it available to all.  It enables customers to experience the freedom of being out in the countryside and can be exciting or relaxing, while providing valuable physical exercise.

Enabling Activities utilises specialist recumbent trikes: unlike the trikes that are usually available for the disabled, these are lightweight, very stable due to the low seating position and can have the front wheel removed for towing those who need assistance.  However, if customers are competent on a conventional bike and just need guidance, then our Enablers are quite happy to accompany them on rides.

For those who enjoy the fun of a bumpy ride, we frequently go to Cannock Chase, where we mainly follow the forest trails.  Closer to home, we also cycle along local trails and quiet lanes and often stop at a park for a chance to stretch our legs!  On long summer days, we offer customers the opportunity to venture further afield, with trips to Derbyshire and along the Tissington Trail.

We aim to enhance our customers’ enjoyment of cycling with the option to stop at a welcoming cafe or pub for a cool drink or, when out in the countryside, to picnic at a lake or stream and enjoy the views!

Enabling Activities supports local cycling events, such as the Katherine House Hospice Cycle Challenge, and we offer our customers the opportunity to take part in these activities, thus developing their confidence and enabling them to participate in the wider community.

Sailing Activities

Enabling Activities has teamed up with a local disability sailing club at Gailey, which provides qualified instructors to give our customers a pleasurable experience on water.

Many young adults will have enjoyed sailing at school and so we aim to continue this activity or introduce it to those who have not had the opportunity to try it before.

The crafts are all wheelchair accessible and as there is the option to utilise a hoist, the craft can be accessed with relative ease.Sailing takes place every Tues or Wed through summer and customers are on the water for approximately two hours. The first hour will typically be spent in a sailing boat,with the second hour in a Canadian canoe. The canoes are very stable as they consist of two fixed together. Participation in moving the boats is optional but, when encouraged,customers are usually able to help paddle.

This activity typically spans a full day as it often involves a morning walk round the lake and a picnic lunch. Indoor facilities are available in the event that weather conditions are unsuitable. All waterproof clothing and life-saving equipment are provided.

Climbing Activities

Climbing can build trust between client and staff and promote skills of problem-solving and communication. We visit the climbing wall at Kilnworx in Burslem (www.kilnworx.com/).

Our qualified staff are trained to ensure customers are safely roped at all times and can enjoy the huge range of routes at all levels of difficulty.

Walking & Skiing Activities

Maximising Potential for People with Disabilities in a Safe but Stimulating Setting WALKING The health benefits of walking have been well documented: it strengthens bones and muscles, improves balance and coordination and makes the heart healthier. It has a powerful effect on the mind too and has been found to boost both self-esteem and mood.

Going out for walks is a regular activity at Enabling Activities. We walk in an urban environment when out and about, but we also like our customers to enjoy the beauty of local rural landscapes, such as Cannock Chase and the Hanchurch Hills. We have plans to venture further afield to The Wrekin too! Walking at Enabling Activities is also a social activity and boosts relationships between our customers and between customers and staff.

Trampolining & Ice Skating Activities

Trampolining is a low-impact activity that improves balance, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness and is great fun! Enabling Activities makes use of Flipout at Stone and Chase Leisure Centre, Cannock. Chase facilities are wheelchair friendly and are available throughout the year

Swimming Activities

We access swimming at Dimensions Or Chase Leisure Centre in Stoke-on-Trent (https://www.stoke.gov.uk/dimensions) . This is a sensory pool with a wide range of features including water jets, bubbles, hot tub, whirlpool and rapids. There is a hoist, so it is accessible for wheelchair users and the water is also warmer than conventional public pools.

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